Thursday, October 28, 2004

Could they BE any sweeter?

Sometimes I get a feeling when I'm at work, where I really, really want to be at home. I know, most people get that feeling. Yesterday I actually got a lump in my throat because I missed my kids so much. A lump so big that it gave me horrible acid reflux and I have a sore throat from it today. Sigh.

This morning, Max had a croupy sounding cough & little Tess just cried when I got her up. She's had a runny nose & she just feels like poop, I can see it in her eyes. On our way to the sitters, I was getting teary-eyed because I just wanted to stay home with my babies. And when I told my wonderful kids that mommy was sorry that she had to go to work today, you know what they said? First Max said "It's OK, mommy", then Tessa added her own little "OK, mommy".

Do I deserve kids this great?

When we got to the sitter's house, they both put on happy faces and went skipping inside. Tessa jumped in Julie's arms, and Max unloaded his trains on the coffee table and promised to share them with all the other kids. Then they told me "bye-bye mommy, have a good day". Now it's almost time to go home, and I can't wait to see them again.


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