Monday, October 11, 2004

Get Healthy or Die

So I go for my regular check-up and my blood pressure is through the roof. 148/88! I was like, this can not be right. We have a family history of high blood pressure, but I didn't know it started at thirty.

The doctor didn't seem too concerned, however, I'm scared that I'm going to fall over dead at any moment. The nurse & I had a nice talk about it, and she told me to do the following:

1. Reduce my salt intake. I don't salt my food usually, but I'm going to have to go back to making stuff from scratch rather than buying the processed stuff (like gravy, yummy, yummy onion gravy). It's just so much easier to buy a meal kit, but it's yummier when it's home made.

2. Cut back on Caffeine. This should be fun.

3. Quit drinking Cokes. I can drink Diet Rite. Blech. I'll drink water instead.

Neither the nurse nor the doc said anything about my smoking problem, but Terry & I decided yesterday that it's time to cut back on the cigarettes. Baby Steps. Eventually I'll quit or be a total closet smoker like my mother, so everyone thinks I'm a non-smoker, but really I'm a smoker.

To all who know me in real life, I'm apologizing now for being a caffeine deprived bitch.

I'm hoping that this was just a freak thing, because I ate a half pound of bacon yesterday for breakfast and last week was the Fall Festival. I was swollen for 2 days from the salt and grease intake from my lunch there. I knew it was a bad idea to have frog legs, then a funnel cake, then a brain sandwich, all washed down with a Mt. Dew. I shudder at the thought now.

Laurie, my dear nurse friend, I'm not sure if you read this regularly. If you do, I'm sure you'll be calling me to lecture me on the dangers of smoking. Again. I await your phone call.


At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristi, dear. Give up the smoking. I won't call you and give you a lecture...instead I will post this message for everyone to see. I am again the mother of the group. Don't do that, we can't do this, Misty don't do the handstand. Kristi don't smoke or eat a brain sandwich(why?!?!), frog legs and a funnel cake in the same day. That is just asking for high blood pressure.

I did call you this weekend, but it wasn't for a lecture. It is all because I love ya!

Laurie the nurse friend.


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