Thursday, October 14, 2004

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I get to Mom & Dad's yesterday after work and I can tell that Tessa has been crying. My poor little girl, what in the world could've happened?


Apparently, she stepped in and squatted down. Then when she tried to stand up her back and knees would block her from getting up. So, she started screaming, screaming, screaming, like only Tessa does. Mom panicked, Max started crying and Tessa is screaming. I'm sure that my hysterical mother didn't help little soft-hearted Max at all, his Tessa-ree was stuck!

Mom called Dad for help, no answer. Mom called Terry for help, no answer. Mom called Kurt and told him that Cora (yes, Cora, not Tessa) was stuck. Our Local Hero Kurt busts through the door within moments of receiving the phone call and proceeds to remove Tessa from the crock. By telling her to calm down. I don't know what he was thinking, she is only 2. It took him a couple of minutes and he finally got her out, poor little Tessa had pooped while she was stuck.

**Just a thought, maybe she was trying to poop in the crock. She peed in Max's puke bowl when he had the stomach flu. Maybe that's what she was doing!**

I don't know why Mom freaked out, she has experience with this. I got stuck in a crock as a kid. Not the same crock, but a bigger one. I wish I would've had my camera. I could've taken a mother/daughter/big crock/little crock picture.


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Sara Mouth said...

You definitely need to put a picture of a crock on here. Just don't put Tessa back in there to reenact the event and FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, don't try to get in the bigger one either!


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