Monday, October 04, 2004


Everybody is always complaining about Mondays. First day of the work week, the weekend is over. I have never really hated Monday, I am always pretty much ready to get back to work after a weekend at home. Plus, its 80's Monday on WPSR 90.7, so I have something good to listen to on my long ass commute. You can't get much better than a commercial free 80's Monday.

Today is different.

Max has a headache and doesn't want to go to J's or school. Tessa vomited during supper last night and has horrid gas today. Thankfully, Mom offered to take Tessa so I could come to work to type in my blog. Actually, I really need to work, I'll get to that later. I gave Max some Motrin and promised that he could go to Nana's after school, and off he went. I was running late anyway and Tessa (of course) had to give me a hard time getting dressed and going this morning.

I had to drive to work with my little donut spare tire, because some dumb drywall guy left a nail/screw in the driveway. He should be fired. Oh well, Raben repairs them for free if you bought the tires there & I needed an oil change anyway so I'll just say that the drywall guy is VERY, VERY LUCKY. Plus, he put the little donut on my car when he saw I had the flat. I think I'll let him live.

My day could be much worse. I wish I could listen to commercial free 80's Monday in my office. I can't get the station through these prison-like cinder block walls in here. Maybe I just need a new radio.


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