Friday, October 01, 2004

Shake Shake Shake

The Shake
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Max has a shake. Two of them actually. The first one started when he was about 5 months old. He would clench his fists and shake and of course I thought he was autistic, because I'd never seen anything like it. We later found out that this is an excited shake, any time he sees something SUPER exciting to him he still does the shake. He hasn't been doing it too much lately, but I caught him doing it once on our train ride last month, and in this picture he's just finished pouring a bunch of rice into a funnel. It must have been really cool to watch it pour out of the bottom because he had the whole shake thing going on again.

His other shake is his butt. His wonderful Aunt Kara taught him to "shake his butt" when she used to babysit for him as a toddler. She also taught him "TA-DA" and a fake passing out which included an "I'm sooooo dizzy" and then he would fall on the floor with his hand on his forehead.

Anyway, thanks to Kara, Max often referred to his butt as a shake, until about 6 months ago, when his shake turned back into a butt. I wish it was still a shake, it was much cuter when he referred to his 'shake'.


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