Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Truck He Loves

Old Beater
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This is the truck that I have to put up with because it belongs to The Man I Love. I cringe at the thought of it in our driveway, totally clashing with my PT Cruiser and our Brady Bunch Era Tri-Level. It just SCREAMS "Old Beater".

It was given to my husband by his step mother, after his bio-dad passed away over 4 years ago. Given that it has such sentimental value, I dare not mess with the sacred old beater. It's one of the few things that Terry has from his bio-dad. I will admit I wish it was something that didn't have to reside in the front of my house. I've suggested that he park it in our garage, but then where would he have room to work on THE CAR? That's another story entirely, that I will save for another day.

Terry worked on the truck this past weekend, installing a stereo with a CD player, and new rearview mirrors on the monster. He also stepped away from the truck and it rolled down a hill into a willow tree, putting a huge dent in the tailgate and trashing the back bumper. I was thankful that the kids were inside when this happened and all Terry could say was "and just when I was about finished with the body work..." HUH?????????


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