Monday, December 13, 2004

Monday Baker's Dozen

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1. The weekend goes by entirely too fast.
2. I'm reliving my High School Days through my Sister-in-law.
3. I'm still not done wrapping presents.
4. Warm peanut butter cookies are THE BEST.
5. My kids have enough energy to stay up until midnight!
6. I CAN go out with Jenny & Brandi without getting totally drunk.
7. Our computer makes funny noises, which we didn't notice because the speakers haven't been hooked up since we moved.
8. Max thinks that his practice sessions for his Christmas Program are the real thing.
9. Max made me feel like an ass because he thought I was going to work instead of his Christmas Program.
10. I almost stayed home from work because the kid made me feel so awful, even though the Christmas Program isn't until 7:00 P.M.
11. Less than 2 weeks until Christmas & we are ready for it!
12. My dog is dumber than I thought.


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