Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Posey County Clerk

The spring before Laurie & I went off to college, Laurie's Mom, Sandra (The Posey County Clerk, who had a vanity plate on her car that said CLERK, therefore, the car was named CLERK) taught us some of the things that young ladies living on their own must know. One thing I remember was how to hand wash clothing. The Posey County Clerk was demonstrating how to add a bit of Woolite, swish, then rinse, lay out the clothing on a nice towel, roll up to remove the excess water, do a little dance & say "be clean" and Voila! ~ We have a clean sweater.

I thought of the whole learning how to hand wash clothing story this morning when I was rinsing out a shirt that I want to wear tomorrow, but I'm not doing a load of dark laundry. Of course, I still do the little dance and say "BE CLEAN", because that's the way that The Posey County Clerk and Laurie taught me how.

Now, Sandra is no longer The Posey County Clerk. She's made her way through the County Government and is about done, I think. Bud, Laurie's dad, is another story entirely; a long, long story with lots of cussing and worrying parents. And cereal in plastic cups.


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