Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Blog Post-It

Things I've wanted to post, but haven't had the time....

My pot-bellied pig dentistry experience.
Tessa's love for our hamster.
How great my husband is.
Max's grapel. Pronounced grape - l.
A bunch of SHIT about my job, but I'm not posting anything about work on the internet.

I'm going to try to get to these soon, but right now I'm freaking about taking Max to the dentist tomorrow. I know he's got a ton of cavities & I've now failed as a mother.

And just when I REALLY NEED a margarita, Sista Sara (my margarita partner in crime), goes off and gets pregnant. The weekly margarita dates lasted really long, maybe 2 weeks? Any way, I'm going to be an aunt again. Congratulations Sista!


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