Thursday, May 26, 2005

No babies, Momma

Tessa LOVES cats. She chases our cat, Tootie, around the garage until she catches her and will pet her for hours on end. Our neighbors have kittens that I use as bribery to get Tessa to let me wash her hair without having a total meltdown. I let her play with the kittens, she doesn't throw a tantrum when I wash her hair. Easy enough, eh?

Tess was playing with Tootie a couple of days ago and it resulted in the following conversation.

ME: Tessa, be very, very careful when you hold Tootie. You have to be gentle.
TESS: OK Momma.
ME: Tess, did you know that Tootie is going to have babies?
TESS: NO Momma. Tootie is a CAT, she can't have BABIES.
ME: Oh, I'm sorry, she is going to have baby cats, and we will have Kitties.
TESS: YEAH Momma, Tootie will have baby cats. They are KITTENS Momma.

She's such a smart little sassy girl. I have a feeling that she's going to be my heathen child. Can't you just see the wickedness in her eyes?
Fire & Tess 007


At 3:59 AM, Anonymous Melany said...

What a clever girl!


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