Monday, May 09, 2005

The One Where I Totally Go Ape-Shit

It'll be OK, I have an appointment with a therapist this afternoon. Thank goodness. I've been waiting for months to talk to this guy, the entire Tri-State area must need therapy.

Terry was a total Dickhead on Mother's Day. I'm so tired of all this wallering (excuse the farmer slang) in MISERY that's been going on. MIL's brother passed away a week and a half ago, and we are all sad and he will be missed, but the man was so SICK. He's had a brain tumor for 20 years. Over the past couple of years, he's be going down really quick. He couldn't walk or feed himself and was in so much pain. My mom says "there's worse things than death" and I experienced it first hand when I walked in that hospice room 2 weeks ago.

MIL graduated from college on Saturday, I was so proud of her - I cried! She was too upset (from her brother's death) to celebrate with a party, but she wouldn't even have a margarita with me. I was so disappointed, after almost 6 years of hard work, she wouldn't even have a margarita.

Which reminds me of the Hacienda billboard that has a salt shaker and lime on it. It says "Tequila, it's what's for dinner". Yeah, that's what I'm thinking!

Max has his Pre-K graduation next Monday. deep breath, deep breath He made me the most beautiful flower pot EVER for Mother's Day. I can't believe how big he is. I couldn't be prouder of him, he's so sweet and polite. Well, most of the time. He has his first T-Ball practice Wednesday night. I hope he enjoys it.

Tessa has been Tessa. I think she's going to be my little farm girl. She helped me plant some seeds (Zinnias, Cosmos, and Strawflowers), and she's so proud of how they are growing. I've given her a spray bottle filled with water so she can water them herself without overdoing it.

As soon as Terry gets Max's garden area tilled up, we are going to have a Pumpkin Patch. Max is pretty excited about that, we have every variety of Pumpkin & Gourd imaginable, but most importantly, we have BIG MAX pumpkins. Hopefully we will get that planted next weekend.

Oh gosh, I guess that's all for now. I didn't go totally ape-shit, either. Much better than yesterday when I just sat and cried because I didn't feel like I was being the best mom I could be.

P.S. Place your bets, the big ultrasound is today!


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